What are the Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Attorney?

In this blog post, learn more about the benefits of seeking legal assistance from Lacy Law Office, LLC.

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October 9, 2023

Family matters are often deeply personal and emotionally charged, involving legal complexities that require professional guidance. When facing issues such as divorce, complex dissolution issues (such as how to tackle family owned business interests, multiple real estate interests, etc.), child custody, child support, college expenses, guardianship over a minor or elderly loved one, or adoption in Indiana, hiring a skilled family law attorney can make a significant difference in navigating these challenges successfully. In this blog post, learn more about the benefits of seeking legal assistance from Lacy Law Office, LLC.


Our team of family law attorneys possess extensive experience and  knowledge in handling intricate legal matters such as divorce, child custody, child in need of services (CHINS), adoption, paternity and child support. Our family law attorneys have an in-depth understanding of Indiana's family laws.  Knowledge is power, and at LLO we empower our clients by sharing that knowledge so that our clients not only know what to expect every step of the way  but also so you can make informed decisions when evaluating your options.  Sharing the knowledge about the procedure and laws allows us to represent clients more effectively  in achieving their goals.

Fair Representation

By engaging our services, clients can confidently be represented fairly throughout legal proceedings. Our family law attorneys assume the role of advocates, protecting our client's rights and financial interests. At LLO, we try to look at all of your options, including alternatives to litigation, to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Negotiation Of Settlements

‍Our skilled family law attorneys excel at negotiating settlements that benefit all parties involved while ensuring the protection of our client's rights and financial concerns. At LLO we understand that there are some factors that we cannot measure and value, such as the emotional cost, the stress on your children, your mental health, etc.  We will advise you regarding “what is fair” under our current statutes and case law, considering the range of possible outcomes from going to court, and the potential costs and fees for a trial (witness fees, appraisals, business valuations, pension valuations, attorney fees, etc.), so that you can make an informed decision weighing those “costs” we cannot value and the potential outcomes under the law.

Peace Of Mind

With a deep understanding of the complexities involved in family law cases, our qualified attorneys provide clients with a sense of security throughout the legal process. Engaging the services of a competent family law attorney offers greater assurance that deadlines will be met and documentation will be accurately filed, minimizing delays that can arise from errors or oversights commonly encountered when relying on inexperienced counsel or non-legal professionals.

Drafting Documents

‍Our family law attorneys also provide essential assistance in drafting critical documents, such as prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, Declarations of Standby Guardian or parenting plans. These types of  documents outline the division of assets and debts and provide guidance on child-rearing practices.

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At Lacy Law Office, we are fully prepared to address your family law concerns and ensure your desires and needs are considered. Our experienced attorneys possess the requisite knowledge and skill set to handle your family law matters. To schedule a consultation, reach out to us today via our website or by calling (317) 894-1500.