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Our Approach To The Practice Of Law

Since starting our practice in 2008, the Lacy Law Office, LLC has provided holistic and compassionate family law help to our community. Since our start, we've implemented our own set of commandments to ensure that our clients get the best family law help possible.

1. Take care of your clients — think of them and you’ll win.
2. Be passionate about what you do and compassionate about how you do it:

Client relationships become true and lasting friendships. For example, we first represented Jane in 2006 for her divorce, which included custody and domestic violence issues. Since then, Jane has used our firm for other legal issues she’s had through the years; she’s referred members of her immediate and extended family to us, as well as co-workers and friends; we’ve watched each other’s children grow up and each other’s significant life events through Facebook. That representation was 17 years ago, and this fall, Jane and 3 of us from the firm (Amy, Janet, and Jessica) are all going together to see Pink in concert.

3. Be good to your people–reward their hard work and loyalty:

We challenged attorneys and staff to meet a visionary annual revenue goal for 2019. In response to the announcement of this goal, someone joked, "What will we get if we hit the visionary goal?" Jessica replied that she would take them all to Mexico, all expenses paid. It was clear in October 2019 that we were going to meet the goal. Jessica told the whole firm to make sure they had their passports, and she booked our trip at an all-inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya for January 2020. Our team met and surpassed the visionary goal we set. The trip brought our whole team closer together.

4. Never jeopardize your integrity–we win the right way or we don’t win at all
5. Believe in yourself–if you think you can make it happen, you will
6. Never Get Smug

Sometimes we learn lessons about what NOT to do from other attorneys. For example, Jessica was representing a client in a post-divorce case. The court order in place required child support to be paid by Income Withholding Order sent to the obligor’s employer. In this case, the obligor changed jobs. Both Jessica and our client had tried to get the obligor’s new employer information, to no avail. Rather than file a contempt action (our client was not interested in punishing the obligor), Jessica filed a motion to compel the obligor to provide his new employer information, and the court set a hearing. The day before the hearing, Jessica got a call from the obligor’s attorney, who requested that we vacate the hearing to have time to exchange discovery. Jessica told him she’d happily vacate the hearing if he would provide the name and location of the obligor’s employer. He refused and was so smug he told Jessica to "bring her checkbook” to the hearing. Contrary to opposing counsel's confidence that Jessica would end up paying his fees, his client was ordered to pay Jessica's attorney fees! It never pays to be smug.

7. Be rational–look at all of the options:

There are situations in which the best option is not always litigation or may not require the hiring of an attorney. We try to look at all options - legal and otherwise - to help the client find a solution. About 5 years ago, a lovely lady on the far side of 50 came in because she was unable to get her driver’s license renewed because she could not produce all of the documents the BMV requires. The issue was that she could not produce adequate documentation for her name. She had been married by common law in another state (common law marriage is not recognized in Indiana), and she had adopted her husband's last name. Subsequently, she was divorced, but her divorce decree made no reference to her maiden name. She did not have a marriage certificate. When she came in, she was very frustrated and was prepared to hire our firm for a legal name change just so that she could get her Real ID driver’s license. Rather than giving her a fee agreement, Jessica looked up the documents required by the BMV and looked up the requirements for a passport. A passport application does not require any name change documentation, and the BMV would accept a passport in lieu of documentation of a name change. We helped her fill out the passport application, called Walgreens and set an appointment for her to get her passport photos immediately after leaving our office. We called a local post office branch and made a same-day appointment to submit her passport application. She incurred significantly lower costs to apply for a passport than the fees, costs, and time of petitioning for a name change.

8. Be flexible–keep an open mind
9. Admit your mistakes
10. Have fun–don’t take this too seriously:

Denise’s bio reflects her sense of humor. We deal with serious issues, issues that can have a huge impact on our clients and on our clients’ families. Levity often helps lighten the burden of shouldering those very real and very serious issues, even if just for a moment.

Meet the Lacy Law Office team

Your Family Law Team

We Love Our Community

Our law office is dedicated to providing experienced and holistic family law services to our clients. In addition to providing legal guidance to our clients, we love getting involved in our local community.

Jessica’s contributions to her community include the following:

  • Serving on the board and as Secretary for the Hancock County Arts Council
  • Serving on the board of the Cumberland Community Arts and Spaces Taskforce (Cumberland CAST)
  • Being a member of the Hancock County Bar Association
  • Being a member of the Indianapolis and Indiana State Bar Associations
  • Volunteering at “Ask a Lawyer” events which provides free legal services to members of the community
  • Serving on the Women's Fund committee for the Community Foundation of Hancock County 
  • Serving as a Girl Scouts troop leader
  • Serving the Hometown Community Initiative in Cumberland, Indiana
  • Serving on the board and as VP for the Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen

As a law firm, Lacy Law Office, LLC has contributed to their community by doing the following: 

  • Donating electricity for the Christmas lights and decor for the Wayburn Pocket Park 
  • Opening the mediation center for Weihnachtsmarkt (winter festival on the first Saturday of December) for crafts, Christmas Carols, a warming station, etc.
  • Volunteering as Guardians ad Litem for Kids’ Voice of Indiana
  • Donating time as Mediators for the Marion County Mediation Days program
  • Organizing and implementing the Mediation Days program for Hancock County (including staff time to coordinate the mediations and attorney time donated by serving as mediators). 
  • Supporting Meals on Wheels of Hancock County by purchasing a table for their biggest fundraiser–Purse Bingo
  • Supporting the Women’s Resource Center of Hancock County
  • Volunteering with a local high school (Warren Central) for career day and for “Rise Up,” a mental health resource fair at another local high school (Mt Vernon)
  • Sponsoring a lane for the Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen’s “Strike out Hunger” bowling fundraiser
  • Taking on a limited number of pro bono and modest means cases each year.

In addition to the firm, Jessica Lacy’s husband, Scott, serves on the board of the Pendleton American Legion Post 117 and holds the position of Sergeant at Arms. He volunteers almost every Thursday for their “all-you-can-eat buzzard wings” night. This year, the firm and other corporate and personal sponsors donated to purchase and process an entire cow for the Pendleton Legion Post 117. Scott and Jessica have also traveled abroad with the YWAM Homes of Hope program to build homes for selected families in poverty-stricken areas of Mexico and the Dominican Republic

Portrait headshot of attorney Jessica Lacy

“We are patient with our client’s needs and serve our clients not only with legal experience but through our personal experiences as well."

Heather Pedersen, Owner and Principal Attorney

Our Approach

During legal uncertainty, you shouldn’t have to feel invisible, or like you’re just another added case file on someone’s desk. Instead, during this trying time, you should be able to be seen and heard by a team of lawyers who will give you their full attention and support.

At Pedersen Law, we are the attorneys for the job. We’ll serve you with top-notch legal experience while offering you the care, experience, and trustworthiness of people who have also gone through similar struggles.

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Meet Some Of Our Happy Clients

I have been a client for seven years, and it’s impossible to explain how truly phenomenal everyone at Lacy Law Office is. They treat you with compassion, dignity, warmth, and understanding and are non-judgmental no matter the situation. Jessica and her team provide the highest caliber of legal representation and professionalism you will find anywhere. 

I have brought them a handful of items from custody, paternity, civil suits, wills & estates, general legal questions, and even some situations you might call “not-so-intelligent” moments on my part. My experiences have included short-term and long-term strategies, discoveries, motions, depositions, mediations, and several court hearings. All concluding with results far above my hopes and expectations. 

Along the journey through the legal issues they have handled for me, I noticed something else they provided as well. They made me a better person and a better father. I can say with certainty I would not be where I am today without them. They have earned my trust implicitly, and I consider myself proud to be a client.


My wife and I have used Jessica Lacy multiple times and have had a great experience. They are friendly, have great customer service, and they do amazing work. I would highly recommend them for any and everyone to use for their legal needs. She definitely knows her job and is great at what she does.

Kurt Stumpf

Jessica Lacy is an amazing attorney! She knows the law but especially the state of Indiana law. Jessica and her staff care, and that is so important. Gough through a legal battle is tough. You are well taken care of when working with Jessica Lacy and her law firm. Highly recommend!

Kimberly Prince

Jessica has been great to work with for all my legal needs. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and takes her time with her clients. I would highly recommend her.

Louise Riddle